Backwards and Forwards

While browsing through some of my photo archives last night I found these from a trip to Charleston two years ago. Looking at them again, I can take an imaginary vacation. And somehow this morning, with these images before me, I can move forward. Perhaps it helped. But I can't deny I'd still really like a vacation! It makes me wonder, do you think looking at your family photos or places you've been helps set your course, maybe resets you? When we were growing up, during visits to our grandparents, we'd look through boxes and drawers of family photographs. My Granddaddy always kept a camera in his shirt pocket and took gobs of pictures. And there were of course, stories shared and relived while passing pictures around. I often think about the value of those photographic records and those times.
Well here's some great photos of day trips, picnics, weekend visits, and some excursions that I find inspiring. And something about this one has me wanting to be a tourist, seeing new things, and collecting bits to carry home.

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Plus, I plum forgot, my blog birthday the other day. It's now four!