A two hour vacation

Last weekend on a whim we took a little picnic. I packed a simple lunch of egg salad sandwiches, cherries, grapes, strawberries and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Looking for a wildflower field on west campus, we wandered dusty trails. I spotted a few fallen hedge apples along the way, a sign of coming autumn and picked up a couple feathers but we never found the field. We suspect it's been covered by new buildings that didn't exist when we were in school. So we decided to just find a place to eat. We spread the blanket near a pond under the shade of a locust tree. Even though the temps were in the nineties, a cool breeze skimmed the water and under the tree it was quite comfortable. After we ate M. dozed a bit and I tip-toed about to take pictures. When I walked up to the pond I startled some frogs that yipped as they hopped into the water. Then a blue heron flew off. I suspect my presence chased his frog lunch away.
When we left I said with a sigh, well, that was a nice two hour vacation. And back into our hot un-air-conditioned truck we went home.