the lion and the lamb, a new print


Early last week I got an idea for this new print. The idea for the imagery comes from Isaiah 11:6. But I almost didn't let myself make it. I almost listened to the excuses in my head that tried to stop me. Nothing big, just little things like, 'you don't normally draw animals', 'you haven't done any carving in a while', "what paper will you use?', etc. I almost didn't let myself sit down and do some sketches to get it started. But I did. I drew the animals first on the block without really knowing what else would happen around them, I just made those decisions as I carved. Then when it was finished I proofed the block and printed fifty cards on Saturday afternoon. And you know, despite the fact that it made my thumb really sore and my neck tired, I rather liked the carving. Maybe I'll do more. If you are interested, I plan to put these in my Blue Sparrow Press shop soon. And oh, after a long hiatus, I reopened my BSP satellite shop at Etsy for the season, for those of you who prefer Etsy.