For some reason I was reluctant to go down to the river the other evening on our walk. But overlooking all the debris along the bank, the sun setting on the trees across the water lit a tiny spark in me. While this picture is taken with just my phone, the scene stirred the desire to pick up a real camera. And I imagined what the light, the trees and water would look like on film. It's been quite a while since I have felt that tug, as if my eyes have been veiled to seeing beauty or anything of interest.

Last night we ate a salad of greens from our garden, garlic and rosemary red potatoes, lentils, cranberry stilton and sharp vermont cheddar with water crackers, a really good apple, and roasted local chestnuts for dinner. The variety of flavors tasted so good, I savored every bite. Autumn foods might be my favorite. Or, maybe it's that the chilled autumn air makes me want to be in the kitchen, making warm and fragrant foods. Or, maybe it's because we sanded and refinished the kitchen floors last weekend and rearranged a few things, and I just like being there.

Two milestones: Last week I turned a year older. And we got rid of my old truck. It was my first car, one I'd had since 1997. She was dependable and I'll never forget how excited I was when we purchased her. A bittersweet goodbye.

Otherwise, my October was difficult, personally. I am thankful for a new month.