In the open air

This morning I sat looking north out my window, at the neighbor's green shed, at the dry peach colored ground and painted a couple small studies. After lunch on a whim I cleaned my travel palette, added fresh watercolor, and prepared some paper. Then at a little after two o'clock I set out on foot with paint, brushes, jar of water, and foldy chair in hand. Down by the creek next to the trails I sat and painted two studies of the water zig-zagging up to red twigs and a shadowy bridge. Lots of bikers and walkers were on the path above me and two young boys visited, wondering what on earth I was doing there. Later a yip yap dog barked at me but his person kept him at bay.

If the calendar didn't say February first I would have declared it was spring break. It was good to get outside and break from my routine.


ps. Plus I recently finished this letterpress print, check it out! :)