A favorite lunch

A favorite lunch lately has been this, or something similar. Goat cheese, avocado, kale, and sunflower seeds on wasa crispbread. The avocado is what makes it for me. Today I simply sliced it, rather than mashing it, and sprinkled homegrown sprouts on top. I like the crisp & creamy contrast. Actually, what I really like about this is how quickly I can put it together, because either I am totally hungry by the time I get home from teaching or if it's a studio day, I sometimes wait too long to eat. And by the time I go down for lunch, again, I'm really hungry. This lunch is usually accompanied by an apple with peanut butter and raisins or plain greek yogurt topped with frozen berries, agave nectar, and granola.

Soon, I will be sharing something with you that is a little more exciting (perhaps) than what I ate for lunch!