Bits of lately

Life has been a swirl of activity lately around here. Last week I had two wisdom teeth removed and thankfully it went well. Mostly I was glad to get it over with! Yet I'm still not eating crunchy foods, and I miss my granola of a morning!

Also I've been building the website for my husband Matt's design/build company, Struct/restruct. There's still more to do but it's coming along. He, his business partner Eric, and all the guys work so hard, turning old houses (that most people would look at and want to tear down) into beautiful structures that combine old and new architecture, local materials (when possible), and interesting custom elements. Plus they were on the front page of yesterday's paper! Matt and I walked downtown yesterday looking for a print version and I was just so proud of him.  My face was beaming in the afternoon sun.

There's lots more in the works around here, which I'll share when details are ironed out.

So how are you?