Inspired By

yesterday at arts-based preschool

This weekend a new exhibit, Inspired By, opens up at Artstream. The exhibit is in conjunction with the launch of Susan's new book Art Lab for Kids, 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper, and Mixed Media that has just been released! The exhibition showcases works by the student artists and by the artists featured in the book who inspired them. This piece of mine is in a project on watercolor, and the young artist's work in the photos is pretty amazing! I would love to see the student work in person and also by the contributing artists, of which there are many, including Lisa Solomon, Sub-Studio, Megan Bogonovich, Lisa Congdon, Amy Ruppel, Mati Rose McDonough and more. It will be a fantastic exhibit of artists young, and well, not so young.

Since I have this book, I can tell you that you want it! Susan has been teaching artists of all ages using her own curriculum for over sixteen years. And she shares some of her expertise in Art Lab. Right now I'm really inspired by her printmaking chapter which covers print methods that would be interesting and doable by children as young as three up to an adult. All the projects are great, so if you would like your own copy, Susan is offering signed copies on the Art Lab website, here. Congratulations Susan, here's to a fantastic book launch and exhibition opening! Hip hip!!

Plus I am very happy to have four of my favorite pieces in the exhibit, which are only available in the Artstream Shop.