up & down

Downtown: It's in the 90's here today; I walked to the post office, they said to watch the puddle, a little boy had accidentally peed on the floor, and I said I know how that is, I work in a preschool; a man was yelling at the atm machine where I needed to stop but I decided to keep on my way; a woman was walking arm in arm with an elderly woman, presumably her relative, I liked seeing that.

Home: Just finished an egg salad sandwich and tall jar of lemon water; our cats are laying around like pancakes in this heat; later I'll make a peanut butter smoothie, which I've been eating daily.

This week I've been picking up extra sessions at school; the children are making something beautiful for their mothers' day gifts. Now I'm going to clean the kitchen from top to bottom to prepare for something tomorrow. I'm looking forward to Friday, or actually tomorrow afternoon, when hopefully the busyness will calm and I can return to my easel.