roses and other things


A few things:

film shots of our roses, from May

Moonrise Kingdom is so good, I want to see it again. We sat shoulder to shoulder, a cozy crowd in the balcony at Liberty Hall Saturday night. I had a Blue Sky Jamaican ginger ale to sip.

The routine 100+ degree temps we've been experiencing the past two weeks have broken way today to mere 90's. It's still dry as a dog bone out there, we need rain terribly. Normally I wear shorts, but this summer I'm enjoying breezy skirts.

Yesterday we got a couple purple water hyacinth to add to our water garden, as well as submergable plants, and curly grassy stuff, of which I don't remember the name.

Last night we made the first batch of basil pesto of the summer. At first I forgot the garlic; where is my head? It was yummy tossed with whole wheat penne.

Today I'm reorganizing and cleaning the studio, getting myself ready for some serious painting. I better get back to it.