Three new mixed media paintings from the summer

Bearings, mixed media on paper, image size 3.5 in. x 5 in., paper size 8 in. x 10 in., 2012

Today I've been getting my head back in the studio, after the last few weeks of caring for a sick pet, (who thankfully is much better now) getting ready for a new school year, and other things. This morning I cleaned and then looked through mixed media pieces on paper from the summer and have chosen three to share. Bearings (above), I remember and A place where. On these I have been working with watercolor, pastel, graphite, and colored pencil on paper and I have also been making oil on panel paintings. When I work on paper I can turn off my censors, quiet the inner critics and make work that is honest, almost gutteral in a way. I say what I am thinking and paint the way I want. The slower process of oil painting though, requires a different practice of maintaining a sense of rawness. I usually keep several oil paintings going at once so I can move from one to the next. Working on a fresh painting helps me not become habitual in the process. I know a number of other artists who do this as well. (The oil paintings have a ways to go before I can show you.)