gladiola bulbs we're transplanting & putting in front of the studio.

It's blog action day, topic: environment.

I like to think that little things can make a difference as well as the big, at least in getting us to think about our impact.
*I walk to work
*we use compact fluorescent light bulbs
*recycle everything, down to the tea bag wrappers
*carry canvas totes to the store, generally, although we do use the plastic bags to empty the litterbox and I would really like a better alternative to that! arrgh, don't like those plastic bags!
*I use reusable containers for packing lunches, instead of baggies
*use biodegradable & plant based cleansers/soaps/detergents/toothpastes etc. for the home.

hmmm, my mind is running blank now... So please share ways that you help the environment, and perhaps you'll give us all some ideas! What are the small or big ways you conserve, reduce, reuse, recycle?

I found out about blog action day first at alicia's blog. go check out her post, it's a good one.