A few bright spots in the week:

} A box of my grandmother's belongings that I selected arrived via my parents today. This is a stack of her silk scarves. I love how they still smell like my grandparents' house when I hold them close to my face.  I kind of wish I could wear them all at once.

} This week we saw Herb and Dorothy. What amazing art collectors they are. While watching it I turned to M. and said, "I want to do THAT!"

}  I really like Zach Motl's tiny flat, via Frolic.  Makes me feel like organizing, or at least straightening up my stacks a bit.

} Tonight a new show PLACE opens at The Lawrence Arts Center. I have two new pieces in it, large fillm photographs actually. This will be the first time I have shown my photography in a gallery. Rather a different feeling for me, to put that work out there. I'll share them with you next week.

}  And this morning the birds were chirping "spring is near" or perhaps I wistfully heard them say.

Have a nice weekend!