An October walk

A little walk around the neighborhood with my big camera on this beautiful day.


Today in the studio

I worked on a few new paper pieces, two with somewhat of a limited palette. The third piece was all about play, mark integrity, and connecting shapes. I used watercolor with colored pencil and a few flecks of iridescent watercolor. Recently I took a week and completely reorganized my studio and sorted all my supplies. Seeing the colored pencils together in this container makes me happy.

And a couple images from a walk on this early Autumn day.

* Last week I added my most recent contribution to the Optical Echoes collaboration, entry 26.

August snaps and pinholes

A few pics of kitties, garden flowers, the growth of summer, a bike ride, and corn fields. Plus I opened my box of pinhole tools the other day for a little mixed media play, integrating the pinholes with the color shapes. To me they resemble clouds passing.

Where I am today, watercolor, gouache, cp, pinholes on paper, 8in. x 10in.

Optical Echoes, Entry 19

Do you remember this spring when I mentioned a new collaboration of which I'm taking part? I have added my most recent contribution, entry number 19, inspired from a drawing by Katherine Wheeler. I started with a flat pattern and soon abandoned that for gesture. I wanted to include the blue and repetitive marks, garnered from Katherine's piece, as well as triangular shapes. The piece became quite layered as I worked on it, and I did a bit of subtractive work, lifting pigment from the paper then painting back over it to create depth.

It's interesting to me to see what each artist gathers from the previous entry to inspire their response. You can follow along as the project progresses at

Participants include: @katherinearts @tielsk @cathymcmurray @lariwashburn @mazeandvale