A week ago

A week ago I began a new decade. I walked around on the afternoon of this day in the photos, pondering the newness ahead, or anticipating newness. Looking at the light on things with my head sideways. Like I would suddenly feel different. But I can't say I do feel different, at least not suddenly, and I think I'm glad about that. Because I am not just my age. No, I'm the kindergartener getting in trouble for standing on the table in my Wonder Woman costume, the girl who roller skated with my sister up and down the hall over and over, the new eighteen year old college freshman, the twenty-five year old grad student, and thirty year old walking downtown with my husband. Those birthdays and others blend together, and didn't they just all happen about five minutes ago? I mean, aren't we each still the different versions of ourselves in our minds? It's like our interior and exterior worlds don't necessarily always move in the same direction. Our physical selves age but we still think like our younger selves, but with a bit more wisdom. Maybe this blending is what helps us form our own unique perspective of the world? Or,,, perhaps I just haven't gotten enough sleep lately. I'm still catching up with the silly time change.