:: It rained really hard this afternoon around lunch time. I was getting ready to go move one more load of boxes of stuff from my old rental studio. Walking out to my truck I looked down and saw the trees reflected in the curbside puddle and the yellow leaf floating to the left.
:: I'm getting really tired of old stuff; old stuff I've accumulated over the past five + years in my rental studio. I haven't been able to work in that place for the past two months (because the landlords had the bathroom ripped out, no water) so things were neglected. yuck. I just don't want to deal with it. I am so ready to get into my new space. I'm ready for a fresh start. I was thinking about this as I was peeling sticky old masking tape from the plaster walls. I will have the opportunity to begin anew; reorganize; begin new BIG projects that have been steeping in my imagination... aaahhh, SPACE...
:: Right now I'm going to do some drawing and bake a chocolate cake. I've been wanting a chocolate cake for weeks now. It's time to just make one. I have a recipe for a quick eggless chocolate cake in my Moosewood Cooks at Home, that I like. When you have a chocolate craving, and want a little cake, it's a reliable recipe. I'm sure you have a recipe like that?
The load of stuff in the back of my truck (sheets of cardboard, rolls of bubble wrap, and the stuff I nearly forgot that was at the top of the closet) can wait a few hours, right?