1. I will follow 2. to the clouds
3. forming a new peace 4. little joys
5. TIED TOGETHER 6. I saw three leaves TRANSPARENT in the SNOW

This past weekend I had the warm feeling that life may be returning to normal, the sensation that things will be ok. Focusing on the simple things we took afternoon walks in the sun, made chocolate chocolate chip cookies, ate homemade soup and watched "500 Days of Summer" {a very cute movie btw. Have you seen it?}

Shortly after my grandmother passed I took time from all that was happening and painted these watercolors {above} without pressure or expectations in mind. I was thinking about loss, healing, finding calm and peace. Truly there is a time for grey skies and thick fog and time is needed for mourning.  And sometimes we just power through until we have to stop and rest.  But now the heaviness is lifting, slightly and I have new hope in mind.  So I'm happy these watercolors {plus some other watercolors of mine} are part of the COLOR show opening at Eyebuzz Fine Art tomorrow, Feb. 2. Also showing are two amazing artists Jennifer Judd-McGee and Eunju Kang.  I'm thrilled to be part of this gallery, owned by husband and wife team Tara and Tim who are very wonderful to work with. Thank you!

Since we finished all the tofu & mushroom soup {it's been the winter for soups!} I hope to make veggie lasagna tonight, with spinach salad and a new boule.  Seems rather ambitious for me on a Monday night but we'll see.

Thanks for visiting me today.  I hope you're having a hopeful start to your week,