Sketchbook pages from the first week of January and an Inspiration list

I thought I'd share a few pages from my sketchbook, entries from these first days of January. At the end of December I ordered a new sketchbook for the year and a bunch of pens and brush pens. The order didn't arrive in time so luckily there were a few pages left in last year's sketchbook that I could work on. I anticipate by the end of this next week I'll be starting the new one. I like that this sketchbook will be completely full of entries. It's been fun working with new materials, ones that I can keep in a small box to use in the house. I've been spending a little time of a morning after breakfast or evening before dinner working at the dining table in my sketchbook, bookending the day with that time of quiet.

Inspiration list: documentaries, a book, and an online project: 

  • For some reason, I've been on a documentary kick lately. Here's three favorites:

Ordinary Miracles: The Photo League's New York

The Rape of Europa

How to Make a Book with Steidl

"Focused around accessible, everyday materials like shipping boxes, shoeboxes, junk mail envelopes, newspapers, maps, found books, and other paper ephemera, The Paper Playhouse has 22 projects aimed at inspiring modern families to create unique paper crafts. It includes artwork by over 20 leading contemporary artists in the curated gallery section; offers original quotes from celebrated authors, directors, and artists throughout; and is packed with gorgeous, original photography by award-winning photographer, Leslie Sophia Lindell." 

I'm also pleased to have a few of my paper pieces in the gallery section along with so many great artists. 

I hope your new year is off to an inspiring beginning.