Cup and Saucer

Q u i e t

Yesterday after teaching, then after having my teeth cleaned and before getting a haircut, and later getting a raging migraine that would send me to bed at 7pm, I s a t, q u i e t l y and wrote in my jotter:

savoring a cup of green tea
the sky greys
yellow leaf cartwheels across the concrete.
Inside by the shop window
no sound from the cars passing by outside
or the construction across the street.
I simply relish a few moments to sit
and sip
to read and write
and sneak a few chocolate peanuts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I really enjoyed reading Tara's home tour.

Don't miss Martha's stunning U N collection, launching today at 1 pm cst! There's so much beauty there. So much.

Also today, Rachel and I offer a sneak peek of our inspiration for the next collection at the Cup & Saucer blog.

Tomorrow, a little arrangement from me, selected from the box of ephemera I found in storage.

The Cup and Saucer Collective

The Cup & Saucer Collective shop is now open! You can see images of the entire collection on our Collections page and read about our process at our blog. We're really happy with this first set and hope you will like it too. Plus we are already working on our next two collections, coming later this year. But now it's time to celebrate!! We have coffee, tea, and some homemade sweet breads ready for you so won't you pop on over...?

Tomorrow I have a few links to share.

Happy Day!

more at Cup & Saucer

Hello to you,

Did you have a good weekend? We had delightfully cool summer weather which was perfect for a birthday dinner party on Saturday evening and a nap and walk by the river on Sunday. {I don't know about you, but I try to sneak in a weekend nap whenever possible.}

Today I have beginnings on my mind as well as drawing things to a close. Rachel and I are sharing a little more of our process today at the Cup & Saucer blog {so go see!} and we are so excited to launch the first Collection in it's entirety on Wednesday! Aack! I can hardly wait. I really can't believe what we've put into this in terms of discussions, ideas, deciding, re-deciding, un-deciding, and then not to mention the actual making of the collection. Yet in all of this, we are proud that the items are handmade in small editions and batches, and center on a story.

Also as Summer is ending {sob. sniff.} so is our Echoes Summer is... series. What a fun time it has been. Why do summers always slip by so quickly? So quickly. In fact, this is my final week before going back to teaching. And I'm gripping summer as tightly as I can, which is not unlike trying to grip dandelion fuzz. C'est impossible!

Yet, let's get back to another beginning. Have you seen that our good friend and Echoes collaborator Emily Gaines Demsky just opened her very own shop today?! We are so proud of her.

Whew. I'm calling it a day. I hope your Monday was just as exciting friends,

The Cup and Saucer Collective

Hi Hi Hi!

Yesterday I mentioned I would be sharing a surprise. Are you ready?

My good friend, Rachel Saldana and I are excited to announce that we have been working on a new project called The Cup & Saucer Collective. It began this past spring as conversing and idea sharing over coffee and grew into collaborating and making a body of work together in the studio. And we are enjoying every minute!

In the coming days we look forward to sharing our thoughts behind Cup & Saucer. We will also be giving peeks of the process and the first collection. The official unveiling and opening of The Cup & Saucer shop will take place on Wednesday, August 26 at One o'clock central time.

Yay! We are thrilled to reach the point of sharing this with you! We hope you'll return to see more glimpses of what we've been up to.

Thanks for stopping by,