recent thoughts

Good morning,

When I woke up yesterday morning [day after election day] my mind was swirling with thoughts. I had so many thoughts of hope, and excitement, and looking forward and things I wanted to share but hadn't the time. And then I taught all day long and when I finally got home last night all I wanted to do was eat soup and watch tv. I was just too tired. And today is my studio day, I always wake up giddy on my studio days. And recent events only add to that for me.

On Tuesday when I walked downtown to the post office [and picked up my free Starbucks along the way for voting] my copy of PEER was waiting for me! Renee did a wonderful job putting it all together. I really like the size and thickness of the paper. It is so interesting to see fellow artists work and hold it in my hands. I am looking forward to adding color to their beautiful images. It seemed like just the right day for it to arrive.

Speaking of coloring, I don't know when I've ever concentrated so hard on coloring in a bubble or within the lines as on Tuesday. I looked and looked at my choices and made sure I filled in the bubbles on the ballot as best I could.
Yes. It is finished. We're ready to move on and forward. Right?

Tomorrow I hope to share some studio news about art card subscriptions and letterpress with you.

Thank you Diana, for your sweet post today. She has some wonderful modern handbags in her shop you will like to see.
And thank you Alicia for mentioning my sequin hearts yesterday! :)

off to work for me!

PEER buzz

{photo from walking around town yesterday afternoon. I know, this image has nothing to do with the post. But I like pictures.}

Good morning,

It's Friday! And I'm excited to see the word about PEER spreading! Yesterday it was featured on Modish, Poppytalk, and today on Real Simple! Yay Renee!
Renee has a flickr set here where you can get a peek at the artists' images and if you like, mine is here. They all look so great! There's even a flickr group where people can share their finished colored pages! How fun is that?!

I hope you have a sunny weekend!,

new stuff

Hi friends,

How are you today?

I started a new drawing yesterday which is like I imagined last week, when it wouldn't come out right. I realized, it just needed to be bigger. I can't wait to work on it more today!

The word about PEER is buzzing around. Did you know they are ready to ship out beginning Oct. 1?!

Guess what? I added a couple autumn inspired photographic prints to my shop this morning! [It's kind of a new thing for me.]

It's Tuesday so there's a new collection at echoes.

Ok, back to drawing for me! Thank you so much for dropping by. It's always so nice to 'see' you!

new inspiration

Hello Friday and hello to you,

I needed some new inspiration yesterday so I redid my wall and added some autumnal tones. I tried to work on new drawings but the parts weren't coming together 'right' so I made a new arrangement and took more pictures. Sometimes I have to just do something else to be able to think about what I want to work on. Do you know what I mean?

I promised I would show you a glimpse of my piece for the PEER collaborative coloring book. Here it is in a beginning stage. That book is going to be so fabulous, I can't wait to get my copy! Thank you Renee for asking me to be part of it!

There's an interview with Sarah Ahearn at Stephanie's blog today.

Ah. It's Friday. I hope you have a good weekend,