Autumn Color Week | red

Jen posted a closer view of my Inspired piece for October {seen above}.  I am happy with how it turned out. :)

Go see Martha's new U N Uniform Natural line and website, it's a m a z i n g!  I am a little ga-ga over the bag!  Her shop opens Oct. 8.

Feast your eyes on all the Autumn Color from the week over here.

Do you have any weekend plans? I hope to see some art tonight at First Friday in downtown K.C. Hooray for Friday! 

Autumn Color Week | brown

Today was my sole full day in the studio for the week, without teaching or a meeting or other thing and I had high hopes for it. I finished one drawing I am proud of {my Inspired piece for October, which you might see tomorrow} but my other attempts failed to please. I think I can salvage part of the unmentionable piece and try a different approach, but still, I'm discouraged. Oh woe is me. I mean, I'm not stuck in earthquake damage {setting myself straight here when I say that}; bless the people in Indonesia.

So I am looking ahead, with this new autumnal desktop calendar.

Autumn Color Week | outside & in

We have had truly beautiful glowing sunsets lately, the kind where you find yourself standing with your mouth gaping a bit.  Last night we walked out at the levee again and I actually tried jogging.  M. says you just have to get past "that point" {that point of pain I guess} but I say I'll just power walk, thankyouverymuch.  But anyway, the setting sun was a blazing red-orange and sparkling through the distant trees.  So beautiful.

Also I am glad our zinnias and cosmos are hanging on hopefully until frost.  Tonight, it is actually supposed to dip into the 30's; I can't believe it.  This morning during my walk to work I almost felt like I needed hand warmers because my fingers were cold! 

Jan is hosting an Autumn Color Week this week and I think it will be fun to join in. I like to have a simple task each day, something to look for. {Today is yellow, Tuesday is Green, Wednesday is Orange, Thursday is Brown, and Friday is Red.} 

I like noticing yellow in spring as one of the first flower colors and in late summer/early autumn the flowers return to this golden hue. And I can't help but think of Robert Frost.