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glue batik with preschoolers

As some of you know I teach in the Arts-Based Preschool program at The Lawrence Arts Center in a multi-age classroom of 3, 4, & 5 year olds. This week we've been making something for their moms for Mother's day. A while back I saw Jen do this child friendly batik method using glue and acrylic paint, and I instantly wanted to try it with our preschoolers for a special project. 
Monday we did the gluing step and yesterday we painted them. Yes I wanted to get photos of the children making them but wow, it was way too busy, working with these little ones, helping them squeeze the glue just enough but not too much, and then keeping the paint replenished, etc. I mean, you know. Well today I brought them home to rinse and wow, am I thrilled and relieved they turned out! I was a little worried when they were drawing with the glue because our glue didn't sit on the surface as in Jen's photos and I thought, oh no, this isn't working. But look at them! A lot of the younger children made interesting dots and dribbles while some of the older ones made shapes and patterns with the glue and paint.  I think they're great and I have a feeling when I take them to school tomorrow the kiddos will like them too.
Tomorrow we will sew and stuff them into pillows. I will try to get a photo but I already anticipate it will be a busy day. This has been a fun and very intense process. Doing one step at a time and allowing the children to draw and paint what they like makes it developmentally appropriate.  Let's hope the moms will like them too! :)

Wiping sweat from brow now,

some sweetness

      A couple houses the children decorated today at arts based preschool. {Click the image for info about the 'designers'.}

Thank you for all your sweet comments about Jack. I told him he is loved; he blushed.

We're off tomorrow to visit my family, I hope to check in a time or two. I hope you each have a blessed Christmas time with your family and friends!! Thank you for being devoted readers and inspiring us in your own blogs! I appreciate each of you and your kindnesses!

ok, back to packing.
with visions of sugarplums,

for the birds
seasons greetings

cracker : Jack

      I like to look at my antique books at Christmas time, gifts from my husbands parents. I like the imagery in the periphery too.

Have you met Jack, our new orange cat? D a r n i t, he made me like him.

Today will be filled with candy and graham cracker houses as we are decorating gingerbread/graham cracker houses at arts based preschool today. I hope to snap a picture of the sweetness. When school is over I will be scrambling to get ready for flying home to visit family tomorrow morning, hence the brevity of my post!


seeing stars

Hello friends and hello friday,

Yesterday I got a surprise in the mail from Angie as part of her PIF. I will share that with you hopefully tomorrow. I also have another surprise from Renee to share with you too. And did you see what Anna sent as part of a fall swap? She and I were partners and she sent me these lovely handmade goodies. Thank you Angie, Renee, and Anna! Each of you are creative, talented and kind. I feel so fortunate and happy to have met these ladies and all of you through blogging. {And those of you who signed up for my PIF, I'm getting very close to finishing; I'm trying to get them all done to send off at once.}

Last night I baked some gingerbread cookies, that actually look like wagonwheels. The preschool is having it's famous annual cookie sale which coincides with the Lawrence Arts Center Holiday Shop. The cookie sale raises money for the preschool program and is like the candyland of cookies! {I'll take a picture and send you some.} The holiday shop allows kids to shop for their families for just a few dollars. They have a personal shopper elf with them to help them choose gifts. It's so much fun for them.

I did do some printing with the iridescent ink {like it!} and hope to show you the cards soon. Printing stars, printing stars...

whites :
Jen's dogwood notebook {a great stocking stuffer} : snow drifts
every which way
new snow
white advent

Caden in his hospital room with a window of snowflakes and sill of toys. This one steals my heart.

Have a glistening weekend,