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post card series

Good morning,

I realized I don't think I've really mentioned to you what my echoes summer is... series entails. Have I? I've chosen to make a series of post cards, because writing post cards from vacation spots to loved ones typifies summer to me. {Although I see no vacations in my future, that's beside the point.} So I set, in various type "POST CARD" on the letterpress to resemble an old fashioned card and printed them on my proofs and plain cotton paper. With each I plan to add imagery and write a note to someone, a mystery person when posted, and mail it to them as a surprise, hoping it may brighten their day.

} Seeing Laura Normandin's wedding shots yesterday was a bright spot, for sure!
} And thank you Chelsea for the post on my new summer watercolors at {frolic!} !
} Be sure and stop by echoes tomorrow when we'll be posting selections from the echoes flickr group.

I hope you have a good day,

summer is...


I mentioned yesterday I would have an invitation for you today. Well guess what? We are getting together again at echoes for the summer and we'll be considering the theme summer is...

Here's what we're going to do: on Mondays and Wednesdays the four of us will post our own artworks at echoes and on Fridays we will select submissions from the echoes flickr pool to post. We would love for you to join us! All you have to do to participate is join the flickr group and then make a kind art/journal piece in any size, & any medium (ie. painting, drawing, print, photo, ephemera) and upload to the group pool to share. All the details & guidelines are here. Sound fun? We think so! Oh, and since it is summer after all, we're keeping it low-key, asking for only two submissions to the pool per week.

So if YOU are reading this right now, consider yourself invited! Echoes begins this Friday!

back to printing cows for me,

drawing today

I'm trying to convince myself in this cold and grey that I can embrace the season of winter. I am learning to appreciate it's subtle hues and stark textures {from my warm studio, looking through the window}. I think it has inspired me to get out my charcoal pencils again.

} Aimee's shirt is the most awesome ever.
} more thoughts on process
} I also have written a poem, & if I get brave I may share it with you. :)

We're making homemade pizza tonight, if for no other reason but to have the oven on to warm the house!


new stuff

Hi friends,

How are you today?

I started a new drawing yesterday which is like I imagined last week, when it wouldn't come out right. I realized, it just needed to be bigger. I can't wait to work on it more today!

The word about PEER is buzzing around. Did you know they are ready to ship out beginning Oct. 1?!

Guess what? I added a couple autumn inspired photographic prints to my shop this morning! [It's kind of a new thing for me.]

It's Tuesday so there's a new collection at echoes.

Ok, back to drawing for me! Thank you so much for dropping by. It's always so nice to 'see' you!