cinnamon rolls


Popping in during vacation to share just a little bit from our Christmas morning. Homemade cinnamon rolls! Traditions like this need to be carried on, don't they? If you're curious I use this recipe, yet triple the amount of cinnamon called for in the streusel filling.

I hope you're having a joyful Christmas season!

granola bars

This weekend I tried making granola bars out of my new favorite granola recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I wondered if the granola would hold shape if I added milled flax seed and water? So I mixed 2T. flax seed into 6T. water, let it sit a couple minutes to thicken, then stirred it in with the ingredients. It worked pretty well. I may try adding another T. next time. This morning M. packed these in his work lunch so he won't have to buy a power bar during a hunger attack. And I like them crumbled on top of frozen mixed berries and vanilla yogurt. Mmmm.

Short and sweet

It's good to have cookies. I made these double chocolate gems Friday for our annual preschool cookie sale. And proceeded to select this nice little variety you see above.

I think I'm going to try and keep it short and sweet here at my blog for a while, focusing on one thing at a time. I want to enjoy and experience Christmas gracefully, more than I have been thus far.

I'm also at habit and of course we're finishing the Noticing Project as well.

Good night,

the power of a cookie

Do you know the part in Stranger Than Fiction where Ana {Maggie Gyllenhaal} is telling Harold {Will Ferrell} why she became a baker? She said she dropped out of law school because she believed she could make the world a better place with cookies. Ever since I first saw that movie I have loved the idea, actually, even before the movie I loved it.

I think it's true, don't you? I mean, whose spirits aren't lifted when their eyes catch glimpse of a plate full or even a couple homemade cookies? {I can think of two specific events in my life that resulted quite fortuitously because of, I believe, the cookies.} And I don't think it's just a sugar attraction, {because I always cut back on the sweetness}.  I think it's more than that.  Could a cookie remind one of home, warmth, of comfort?  Could biting into a warm cookie bring the feeling that everything's going to be ok?  That it is a good day after all?  Nevermind the fact that your truck has been in the shop for an entire week because they keep finding something wrong with it.  Who cares?  You've got a cookie.  I know my mom makes the world better with cookies.  And I believe I like making things from scratch because she always did for us. 

I also firmly believe with every morsel of my being that art makes the world a better place and that is what I try to do. One drawing at a time. One painting at a time. One pinhole at a time. Hopefully, touching one person at a time.

Ok, thanks for reading! I hope your weekend has a cookie or plate full in it, :)

flourless peanut butter cookies


I hope your weekend was good. Ours was full of good food: salads Friday night at Ingredient, homemade pizza on Saturday and last night we enjoyed a nice dinner with friends. The hosts made a delicious autumn lasagna layered with butternut squash; I can't wait for that recipe.

I made these simple, four ingredient flourless peanut butter cookies to take to the dinner and will surely be making them again soon, in double. The chocolate on top is optional, and if there's ever an option for chocolate I vote in favor.

Have a nice start to your week friends!