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On Saturday I got a roll of film back that I took from January 1 - 9. Working through a roll in a week was an accomplishment for me since I usually nurse the roll, stretching it up to a month. The image above is the first film photo I took on the first day of 2011. It was a sunny morning and the light was blazing through the blue glass. Snap. And so began a bright new year.

New projects arise with each new year and it is interesting to hear fresh perspectives. Here's a few links that I am enjoying and appreciating.

> Lisa will be contributing to Poppytalk; her first column is "Make Believe Collection". Also, Jan is hosting Winter Colours week this week; check out the flickr pool here.

> Martha is the featured guest this month at this joy + ride. She shares scenes from her wintery drive from her home to come see us a week ago. :) Don't miss it!

> Follow along with Shari in her series "winter from the passenger's seat". Plus she and Tara have a new project, "winterness".

> Thank you to my friend Aimee for sharing her thoughts about my book. And the guests at her blog had some pretty nice comments to share as well, which sure makes me feel good.

> I want to thank Jenny Doh for the interview at her blog Crescendoh.

> And oh, I almost forgot, I added photos from the installation and opening reception of the Water Paper Paint show to the Water Paper Paint section on my website.

Lots of good links! If you know of a new project or a recent article you read that you want share, feel free to mention it in the comment post.

The days are passing as quickly as the leaves are falling, don't you find? I wish it were possible to preserve this leaf just like this, bright yellow with the little red speckles. That's what cameras are for I suppose.

This weekend I'm looking forward to seeing my friend Kristin's work during her open studio, part of the Lawrence Art Walk. There is also a Ceramics Symposium going on at The Lawrence Arts Center, which I'm sure will be amazing for those who attend.

Have you seen the beautiful blog and work of textile artist KAREN BARBÉ?

Tonight, I think I'll make some lentil soup for supper and bake some fresh bread.
Have a nice weekend,

a few sweet things

Today would have been my grandmother's ninety-first birthday, which may be why I'm suddenly feeling nostalgic about apples and pink flowers.

Have you seen Tara & Tim's new online store? Tara's book of polaroids looks beautiful.

There is a lot of good stuff, a lot, in the new Autumn issue of Sweet Paul Magazine. The section on cakes looks incredibly tempting and I like the simply clever googly eyes cards.

Christy has some news coming out this week, and I am so curious to hear.

Hope you have a nice start to your week,

I don't know about you but life seems to be about arranging lately; arranging priorities, arranging time, and simply arranging thoughts.  I have alot of family and career stuff going on so I'm spending less time online doing fun stuff. I'm choosing to blog twice weekly now since I can only contain or share a certain amount until it gets lost in the wires and is no longer fruitful. It is important to make thoughtful use of what I am absorbing or sharing and I think it's really about appreciating. Appreciating people as individuals instead of one of the masses of inspiring people out there doing something wonderful.  Because honestly so many people are.  I'm trying to appreciate less information by giving it more thought. Does that make sense?

That being said, here are some spaces/posts to give careful thought: Martha, Rachel, and Shanna.

One good thing

Well hello there,

It seems like I was just posting here but I see my last post was Christmas Eve. Time doesn't slow down just because it is a new year apparently.  So moving on.

It's incredibly cold here, is it where you are? It was -2 degrees this morning when my alarm went off, and as I was trudging around shivering I was trying really, really hard to think of something positive about winter. And I thought of something. Mowing your yard is unnecessary in winter. There's no getting all sticky and sweaty pushing the mower around, getting sweat in your eyes, or fighting off mosquitoes and horse flies. So I figured that's a plus right? Well. I tried.

It seems the new year is producing some new and revamped blogs.
Oh Joy is looking pretty. Susan has a new food blog called weekday food. Lisa will posting collections daily. And Abby has a new place. What others do you know of?

And finally a good bye.  Alicia and I have posted our final farewell here today.  Sniff.

Stay warm out there,