Merry Christmas!

Hi! How are you? I hope you are creating memories and celebrating Christmas with your loved ones. I have been "absent" online because we've been relaxing {what a concept, relaxing} and visiting with family.

I want to invite you over to the amazing artist advent calendar that Stephanie has posted all through December. I'm honored to be part of it today on Christmas Eve, sharing heirloom handmade ornaments, a tradition begun by my grandmother. Thank you Stephanie for arranging such a meaningful collection of posts!

I wish you so much peace and joy this Christmas and will "see" you again soon.

Merry Christmas!

while in charleston

I mentioned yesterday that we visited Charleston last week as M. wanted to see the homes in the historic district. So we walked and walked around the homes along the Battery, King St., Meeting St. and so on, but my favorite street was Church St. We toured the inside of the Heyward-Washington House built in 1772 and I'm so glad we did. I really appreciate the ingenuity and simplicity of Colonial era homes and the finely crafted details, like the ironwork window shutter closures, interior wood paneling, the painted tiles around the fireplaces, the hand blown crystal glasses, and the furniture. And do you know what one of my absolute favorite parts of these homes? The courtyard gardens. I dream of having a courtyard garden. Dream I tell you.
Before we left, we stopped for a bite at Five Loaves Cafe, as recommended by Shari and I wish I could tell you descriptively and exactly what we ordered. But M. had a homemade pasta in cream sauce with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes and I had a tofu and roasted vegetables on baguette with spicy honey mustard. It was delicious and such a nice way to finish our day-long outing.

Well I think I'm getting close to having the new shell watercolors ready for the shop, I'll keep you posted,


{an unusual siamese squash from our garden | blanket ready for downtown events and watching fireworks in the sweet bag made by Sarah | I think I like the BOOM and smoke trails as much as the sparkle and sizzle of fireworks. Plus we were happy to have the fireworks back downtown this year!}


I hope you're enjoying your long weekend. I'm enjoying ours too so I think those cowboy jotters won't be ready tomorrow, it will probably be Tuesday.

Happy rest of your weekend,

last minute...


While it snows away outside, I'm inside printing a last minute project to give. This antique copper type is so nice, it prints beautifully.

Yesterday closed out the sale of sequin hearts and the response to this project far exceeded my expectations! I'll return later in the week and share the amount that will go to Habitat for Humanity, if you're interested. Thank you so much for your kind words and support!

I better get back to work, and get a little something to eat.

you stay warm,


Hello to you,

So it was snowing when we drove back into town today and this is how it looked out the car window. Are we sure it's still autumn and not winter?

I'm not quite ready to re-enter the world after being away for Thanksgiving so I'll be back soon with some homemade cinnamon swirl bread and new sequin hearts to share.
But before I go, Sunday is the last day to sign up for an art card subscription. {Subscribers receive an original piece of art mailed to them, every month for three months. Each piece is unique and not like anyone else's. There's about 3 spots left.}

I hope you're well & I'll see you soon,