achromatic inspiration

top: two thrifted glasses (that if you ask me, need to be filled with chocolate pudding), browsing the early work of William Christenberry
bottom: found photograph of a smiling girl holding a bouquet of flowers, detail of a black and white sketch I made today.

Still nostalgic over here. I've been reading Wendell Berry's book of poems Given, listening to Ella Fitzgerald, working in black and white, stretching canvases for the first time in years, and am intrigued by these photos by native Kansan Gordon Parks (wish I could find the original source).

the good list

Hi there,

First, thank you, to each of you for taking time to comment and cheer about the book progress. It's so nice of you, and I really appreciate hearing your voice and interest about this project. It's truly encouraging to me!

Yesterday I hit a point where the high humidity just started to get to me, I was getting grouchy, thinking why do I always have to live someplace where it's so humid? Anyway, internal rants aside, I told myself to snap out of it. It helped me to write a list, "the good list" of specific things about the day that were good, that made me feel positive, for which I could be thankful. Here's a select few:
* make a loaf of bread
* hug (or smooch!) someone you love
* be an encourager
* be honest
* buy yourself a little treat (yesterday's treat- French mint soap)
* read something inspiring
* listen for the quiet sounds under the noise (like the sound of your cats crunching their food)
* look up to the sky and say thank you
* say thank you again
* wear your favorite color (yesterday black, today purple)
* wear lip gloss
* cross something off your to-do list and feel good about the accomplishment, even if it is small
* remember a loved one who is no longer with you
* go for a bike ride
* say hello and smile to everyone you pass

Now if I could be in the habit of journaling a list each day!

. . . . .

Here's a nice "In the home studio" interview with Stephanie.

And lastly, we're sharing memories of our grandparents with Shanna this week as she spends precious time with her grandfather. I share about my grandmother on her blog today.

Thanks for stopping by,

needing some inspiration


Last week I picked up this mid 1800's etching at an antique shop for less than the cost of a sub sandwich and it's already earned it's keep. Gazing at this tiny ocean even helped me solve a problem in a piece I was working on yesterday.

In springtime news we have crocus blooming and I wouldn't be surprised if our daffodils start showing color next week or so. Plus we've planted sugar snaps, radishes, kale, and bok choy in the ground. Indoors we've begun some crops too like broccoli and peppers to transfer later.

Sorry for the sporadic posts lately.  I'm completely immersed in my work, surely you know how that goes.  Hopefully my head will pop up from the ground before too much longer, perhaps before the daisies! 

Colorful inspiration not to be missed :

Ebb and Avalanche by Andrea Myers.


Good morning,

I'm really sleepy today and always feel more tired by the end of the week. How about you? So perhaps a little light-hearted inspiration from antique childrens books will perk us up. I like to collect these and look at the illustrations and type fonts. The rhymes are quirky too. The colorful book in the top image has narrow horizontal leaves which flip-flop changing the outfits and characters. This one is even an advertisement for Kellogg's toasted corn flakes!  The lion in the middle is holding a box of the cereal.

End papers has images from the inside covers of old books. I like the Velveteen Rabbit.

Have a bonny weekend!


I'm quiet today, so I simply want to share a haiku I wrote, and two photo links.

brown rabbit huddled
under green blades of iris
around cold mist falls

Photo links } + and ++

I hope you have a good day!