light through the trees

[from emily]

Good morning friends,

I had a surprise in my P.O. box yesterday from wonderful Emily. She sent me a print she took of light shining through the trees, a lovely letterpress card with her handwritten words, and some rainbow yellow, crepe paper tape. Thank you Em!

Thank you for your comments and thoughts about our new collaboration, echoes.
Thank you too for your kind words about my new work in the shop. You keep me going!

Inspiring things seen via others' finds :
+ this clip in the NYT of Paul Fusco, photographer who was documenting a momentous event in 1968, seen at Design for Mankind.
+ the beautiful space of Shanna Murray, posted on Poppytalk today.
+ these paper plants by artist Yuko Yamamoto seen at ah-yi.

My thoughts feel far off this morning, perhaps that means it will be a creative day in the studio. I think I will poke some holes.

I hope your day is creative and filled with light,

+update- when I first published this one of my links didn't show, I think it's fixed now.

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