A tiny flock

I'm making a tiny flock with these pinhole birds. I have tried a couple other images but return to birds.

A few links}
I find the drawings, sculptures, and installations of Mari Andrews very, very inspiring. {An artist link sent to me by Martha.}

"The sight of the blind poet" as described in a drawing by Rick Beerhorst.

And a new blog, ellenitza. Thanks for the nice email Elleni!

I think it's going to be another unseasonably warm day here today. It's so nice to have windows open in November!


A pinhole leaf, UPPERCASE & Poppytalk

You know how ideas come to you suddenly and inexplicably sometimes? Even though I have been doing pinhole work for nearly ten years, I think yesterday was the first time I had used a leaf as my paper. Here's another view of the bird.

UPPERCASE Magazine Issue 3 arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and wow, it is another jaw dropper. So many amazing articles including a piece on Geninne's lovely studio. There's also a piece about Martha written by yours truly. It was such an honor to write the Blog Beautiful feature about her and I just think Janine and her staff do stellar work, don't you?

And my last little bit of news is almost news to me as well. Somehow I misplaced an entire week of October. I thought I had another week before the Poppytalk Handmade Indie Love Market. {smacking hand to forehead!} It opens this Monday, Oct. 19 and needless to say I am thrilled to be part of it again.  Jan does such a great job. So I will be making this print "hope SEEDS" available in conjunction with the new PHM. 

I bid you a happy one,

a little giveaway

Good morning,
So I thought I'd do a little giveaway here today, ok with you?

This set of enclosure cards has five different foliage patterns and each has it's own glassine envelope.

I'll use the random number generator Thursday [morning around 9 am. cst] to select a recipient of a set of my foliage pinhole cards. I'll announce the 'winner' Thursday morning as well.

To be entered, simply share a comment about what's on your mind today or something you're thankful for. Thank you!

I hope your day is nice!

a field of white pinhole flowers

...or at least that's what I imagine.
I'm adding this piece this morning to the shop. It's number FOUR in the series of TEN new pinhole pieces I'm making this summer inspired by antique and vintage wallpapers.

Yesterday I worked on little details with my packaging. Like where I place my letterpress tags and there's a new surprise message stamped on the bag, that you see when you open it up. That makes me happy.

Something else that makes me happy is this feature that Melissa did on my work and additional artists today as part of the Melissa Loves series at Creature Comforts. I just read it and wow. She is truly kind, sincere, and lovely. Thank you Melissa and Ez! I really really am grateful!

one more thing...
It seems a number of people have been having computer woes this week, electricity outages, and not to mention high temps, flooding and even house/apt. fires. If this is you I'm sorry and hope your situations improve soon. I'm thinking about you.

It's friday! What are you doing this weekend?