Good morning,

Our cooler temps here yesterday really refreshed me, as did a one hour nap, weeding all our around our tomato plants and planting a few "buy one get one free" {sweet!} annuals where our springtime bulbs had finished, and having M. home was so nice. Was your weekend rejuvenating I hope?

So, I've been feeling inspired to simplify and change some things about my online presence. For instance, I tweaked a few things on this blog and sometimes I wonder about trying typepad. But then moving everything seems daunting. And too I go between etsy and big cartel and I have arguments for each so that's another recurring ping pong question in my mind. I really like my etsy shop but I wonder what I could do at big cartel. I think sometimes I just want to start over, do you know what I mean? I'm even considering the work I put into my shop and changing that. ~ Hmmm, way too many questions for a Monday morning.

Lastly, I really miss taking polaroids. I took this one two summers ago and I keep coming back to it. I wish the film, where you can find it, weren't so dang expensive. Ahhh well.

} MISC photographs by Gustav Gustafsson, especially the nest and ocean images.
} I like this necklace and most all the textural pieces at bumblesea.

So, hello Monday,

it's a beautiful day...

Good evening,

And yes, it was a beautiful day here today, was it where you are? I hope! After lunch I walked around, noticing, and feeling the warm sun. Speaking of noticing, my heart jumped a little when I saw Alicia's image for our diptych today {tuesday}, so sweet, those little hands.

By now, you've probably seen, the most beautiful barn photo, but it certainly bears another look, or ten looks.

And since we're on the subject of taking pictures, if you love to take polaroids, send a jpeg of your {own} favorites here, to Habitat and be eligible for $$$ towards some of their fab shoes! Tell them hi too, while you're at it.

Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes on the last post friends!

till soon,

looking at things anew...

      {Every picture tells a story}.

...and finding moments of peace.
As the cooking gets underway here this evening, perhaps I can share some food pictures, and maybe the pumpkin gooey bar recipe. But I do have work to do first. So until then I'm wishing you a peaceful day!

til soon,

p.s.: Thank you sweet friends for sending wonderful thoughts this way yesterday and today. I almost didn't make that post out of embarrassment but your ((hugs)) made it worth it. Thank you Hannah, Kathleen, Angie, Jeana, Gretchen, Teeni, Julie, Patricia, Jude, Karin and thank you to the silent friends too. You all have hearts of pure gold!

Don't fear the squash

it's monday already?!

I think I pressed my snooze button four times this morning, I wasn't entirely sure it was a day I needed to get up early. But it is. And I only have a few moments to post as I'm getting ready to go teach today. I hope you had a nice weekend! Did you?

I have several surprises to share but they will have to wait until this evening when I have more time to write. In the meantime, enjoy Monday and go check out the new links I just added to "10.15 this weeks new :: inspiring :: interesting :: creative people" in the right column.
Until soon...

:: polaroid I took this summer one day at art's based preschool, where I teach.