sunday evening

I think these sugar snaps have the prettiest blooms. I wish I could cut a few to put in a vase, but I won't. | In the foreground are the bok choy which we are letting go to seed, to collect for next year. | Our peonies began to open this weekend!


How are you tonight?
We've spent the day weeding in the garden, and I weeded for five hours to be exact. And yes, I'm a tad tired. I can tell the back of my legs will be sore tomorrow and my fingertips are already sore. But that's ok. Our garden needed it, for sure. We also got a trailer full of mulch to spread around, which hopefully will help.

So I've been thinking about my summer plan since my summer officially begins at 3:30 pm this coming Friday. And as far as I've gotten is, each morning I would like to wake up, go walk, then come home and fix the coffee and weed in the garden a bit. Then head up for a day in the studio. Now, I just need to get my studio plan on. And it would be good for me to devise a reading plan.

But first, this week is shaping up to be pretty nice. For one, Emily's show opens Wednesday, YAY!! And tomorrow morning, a petite artists' gathering which is sure to be a treat. And of course, Friday, for reasons aforementioned.

What's on the agenda for your week? I sure hope it's tasty.

finishing off the evening with some fresh spinach and asparagus,

golden yarrow

I didn't feel like resisting these yarrow at the farmer's market this morning. Usually I collect flowers from our garden but this is a kind we don't have. What is your favorite market flower?

I really must get to the housecleaning now. I've put it off long enough.

Have a great weekend,

ps. I look forward to visiting you this weekend and thank you to all of you who commented on yesterday's post.

a taste of summer

Good morning,
The weather here this weekend was truly a taste of summer, sunny and warm. What was it like where you are? Yesterday I worked in the yard, mowed [with our little old-timey, person powered mower, non-gas, non-electric] and did a little weeding. We made a salad last night from our salad mix we planted and I think we'll have the first taste of a ripe strawberry this week!

Emily asked me when my summer vacation begins; officially at 3:30 pm. this Wednesday! I will be teaching on Fridays in June/July but the rest of the days will be studio days. This will be my first summer in the new studio and I'm so excited for that! so excited!

I made some new 'spring foliage' pinhole cards this weekend, inspired by all that is growing around us.

I hope you have a beautiful Monday & I'll see you soon,

i heart spring

      droplets of light pouring onto my studio floor wednesday morning : spirea : "you fit here", graphite, watercolor, iridescent acrylic, pinholes, on paper, 4 in. x 6 in.

Good morning,
Do you know how wonderful you are? I hope you do. You encourage me and I am thankful for you. Thank you for all your cheers about the apartment therapy feature. !!!

This morning I woke up and first heard birds singing and felt thankful for spring. It's a wonderful feeling to be optimistic for the day ahead. I hope this for you.

Have you seen Stephanie Levy's new Friday series of interviews with artists who blog? Last week she interviewed Kelly Lynn Jones and this week is Diana Fayt. Go check it out!

I put in some brand new art into the shop yesterday including a set of pinhole cards in pastel colors, "you fit here" [pictured above] and it's sister piece "hold on".

[I feel like there was something else I was going to tell you, hmmm, perhaps I'll think of it later or sooner.]

I hope your weekend is dappled with goodness!


finding : my first four leaf clover of the season
finding : i like slowing down after running all week long. [yesterday was insane and resulted in a mini-meltdown enviable of any three year old.]
finding : it feels good to have all my work sent off to artstream for the modern spring show. i've been uploading images of my work here & will continue until the opening.
finding : you all have wonderful flowers and plants blooming in your gardens; thank you for sharing them! have you noticed that dandelions are like roses to children? they swoop them up and share them so generously.

what are you finding today?