a winter poem

I mentioned to you quite a while back that I had written a poem but was quite shy to share. Inspired by the snow we received today and a note from a friend, I'm showing it to you now. I hope you're having nice weekends,


A flurry of house sparrows pulse
outside our kitchen window.
The weaving of branches breathes them in and out.
Out to the feeder,
back to the thick threads.
One junco stays
on the wrist of the ground.
Brown mouse appears from a rock door.

{A miracle they say,
She meets a new breath today.}

The pair of cardinals reminds me,
it is light beyond the shade of a mountain.

drawing today

I'm trying to convince myself in this cold and grey that I can embrace the season of winter. I am learning to appreciate it's subtle hues and stark textures {from my warm studio, looking through the window}. I think it has inspired me to get out my charcoal pencils again.

} Aimee's shirt is the most awesome ever.
} more thoughts on process
} I also have written a poem, & if I get brave I may share it with you. :)

We're making homemade pizza tonight, if for no other reason but to have the oven on to warm the house!


Snow day!

It's a snow day here today and that means an extra studio day! yay! And goodness knows I've got lots of projects goin' on in the studio, so I am excited for this time.

Have a great one,

Winter Whites : Friday

For Shari's Winter Whites Week.

Hello to you and hello to Friday,

While talking to my mom last night on the phone she said, "You've been kind of quiet on your blog this week..." I said, "Yes, I {we} have been so busy working on surprises for the Noticing Project {which we hope to reveal next week!!} and other projects that I was feeling a little weary of sitting at the computer." Do you ever feel that way?

Please know that even during my spotty presence, I have been thinking of you, and hope to recharge this weekend. I hope you've had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend too!

Thank you Shari for hosting the beautiful Winter Whites Week and bringing together a lot of people!

See you soon friends,