This week in pictures

This week I have made several new watercolor pieces to start the new year. When I began this grouping, my goal was to get my thoughts aimed towards larger works. Some aspects I can envision in oil on canvas, some on panel, though there are things to work out when switching to a different media. So too, I am deciding what to do with these paintings, since I like them on their own. Perhaps a shop update? Perhaps I'll save them for something else? At this point I think I'll just keep making them while I can.

Also, this week I read The Snow Child, and finished it last night in tears. It was captivating. Have you been following Shari's 2013 Favorite Books series? There's a number of titles I have requested from the library.

Tonight I think I'll make some dough for pizza, to have kind of a fun, easy dinner for a Friday night. We have started watching the Sherlock series on Netflix. Such home bodies, we are completely content with dinner and a movie. And as it seems the bitter cold has passed, for now, we're looking forward to much milder temperatures this weekend. I hope to be outside as much as possible but also accomplish some house cleaning that I have been neglecting. Have a good one!