A texture walk

Sunday afternoon I was really fighting a nap, feeling a bit of the time change lag. Yet my brain was whirling with ideas and thoughts preventing me from sleeping so I decided on an alley walk with my little camera. You know I like my alley walks. Spring is showing early around here, daffodils, forsythia, fruit trees are in bloom, and from our garden we will be eating asparagus in a matter of days! It's crazy. But rather than taking pictures of all that beauty, I found myself taking pictures of interesting textures, weathered surfaces, peeling paint, and the ways residents decorate their lawns and out buildings. I sure do like this quirky town.

An October walk

A little walk around the neighborhood with my big camera on this beautiful day.


August snaps and pinholes

A few pics of kitties, garden flowers, the growth of summer, a bike ride, and corn fields. Plus I opened my box of pinhole tools the other day for a little mixed media play, integrating the pinholes with the color shapes. To me they resemble clouds passing.

Where I am today, watercolor, gouache, cp, pinholes on paper, 8in. x 10in.

Summer film

During our Santa Fe trip last month I finished a roll of film that sadly, had been in my camera since last summer. These summer shots are of our garden, about town, a nearby sunflower field, and an afternoon trail walk. I have loaded a new roll of film and hopefully it won't take me a year to shoot it.