Photography Rates and Info

Taking pictures is another way of seeing. The process and medium holds a way of expressing what I see. Similarly to drawing and painting, I  work intuitively by responding to what is happening. I consider what makes a particular scene interesting, meaningful, or powerful. Simply, I love taking pictures. Perhaps this is a quality inherited from my paternal grandfather who always had a small film camera tucked in his shirt pocket. He constantly took pictures of us grandkids, and now we have all those pictures to tell the stories of our childhood.

On my photography page you see images of people and objects, nature, scenes from around the home, classroom, and town. My favorite photographs show the personality of those represented, are emotionally charged, or capture the atmosphere of an event. I also like noting simple daily scenes, such as a still-life from around the home, that marks the evidence of someone's presence. Or taking pictures of a small gathering, such as a bike ride or lunch with friends, and reflecting that personal interaction.

In my freelance work, when I photograph people, I want you to be at ease, while I concentrate on capturing your personality, emotion, and the overall dynamic. From behind the camera I try to be invisible, so you are comfortable. I like working with clients' ideas, responding to the location, and allowing for spontaneity. Since little staging or posing is involved, the resulting photographs naturally express you.


Regular Pricing

30 MINS. 

  • Good for headshots, small family sessions, simple senior portrait, family Christmas card.
  • Up to 10 edited images to preview.    
  • $75-      


1 HOUR  

  • Good for family session with 2-6 people, artist studio visitation, workplace visitation, senior portrait, simple engagement, maternity, newborn, and children’s sessions.
  • Up to 15 edited images to preview.
  • $150-


1 1/2 - 2 HOURS

  • Good for senior portrait, engagement, families of more than 6, family gatherings, children’s parties, (sessions might include multiple wardrobe options or more than one location).
  • Up to 25 edited images to preview.
  • $250-


3 - 4 HOURS

  • Good for events, celebrations (not including weddings).
  • Up to 40 edited images to preview.
  • $450-


4 - 6 HOURS

  • Weddings, ceremony and reception.
  • Contact for pricing and availability.     

Print prices are separate on all regular sessions. 

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If you would like to work together, email me and I'll send you more detailed information.