A tour of my work installed at Strecker-Nelson Gallery

I thought I would show you a few images of my work installed at Strecker-Nelson Gallery. I am so grateful to all the wall real estate my work has in this exhibit, two rooms! You can also see the individual works with pricing on the Strecker-Nelson website or on my previous post. Email me if you have questions about any of the pieces or contact the gallery owners, Jay and Barbara, to purchase.

A texture walk

Sunday afternoon I was really fighting a nap, feeling a bit of the time change lag. Yet my brain was whirling with ideas and thoughts preventing me from sleeping so I decided on an alley walk with my little camera. You know I like my alley walks. Spring is showing early around here, daffodils, forsythia, fruit trees are in bloom, and from our garden we will be eating asparagus in a matter of days! It's crazy. But rather than taking pictures of all that beauty, I found myself taking pictures of interesting textures, weathered surfaces, peeling paint, and the ways residents decorate their lawns and out buildings. I sure do like this quirky town.

New oil paintings and works on paper at Strecker-Nelson Gallery

In 2016 I have been painting quite a bit in preparation for an exhibition at Strecker-Nelson Gallery opening March 4. I will have twenty-three works on view, many of which are brand new and being shown for the first time. I finished The day you weren't here oil painting just days before we delivered it to the gallery, and I kind of miss it since I didn't have time to live with it after finishing it. But I am also happy that it will have some other eyes to see it. Many of the paper works are small, almost jewel-like in their frames. (Strecker-Nelson framed all the paper works and I am really pleased.) Though I also enjoyed making some larger paper pieces with the largest at 32 inches square. I tend to work in a series, painting in pairs or groupings.  One of the titles is strange mechanics and eternal mysteries, an idea to me that summarizes much of the work, even the ones that are titled by the date.

My two newest oil paintings:

The day you were(n't) here, oil on canvas, 30 in. x 60 in.

Winter, oil on canvas, 24 in. x 36 in.

Winter, oil on canvas, 24 in. x 36 in.

A slideshow of the works on paper:

If you would like to visit the gallery's website you can see additional pieces on my artist page. The exhibit runs through April 23.

An October walk

A little walk around the neighborhood with my big camera on this beautiful day.