making bread today

Good {late} morning friends,

It is really cold here today, so I decided it was the perfect time to warm the house with smells of fresh bread. I was inspired too by my dad's bread making.

It seems a lot of activity happens outside of kitchen windows. I looked out and saw the image for today's Noticing Project picture. My fingers nearly froze watching the smoke from the chimney and the bird that landed there.

Yesterday I worked in the studio and prepared some paper for upcoming drawings. My mind is whirling with ideas right now and I need to just let each have its own time.

I liked Hannah's pictures on her blog yesterday of summertime at the beach in New Zealand. Warms me to think about it.
Also did you see Alicia's picture diptych yesterday? I always appreciate her sharp eye.

I think I'll go check the dough. Be warm today!