Morning, it is so nice to see you,,, all your calmness. I am thankful for this quiet morning as last night a little after 1 am we woke to heavy rain and loud winds pummeling against the building. We turned on the radio and the NWS had issued a tornado warning, so we ran to an interior room. It was loud, and lasted about 20 - 30 mins. The paper this morning said there were straight line winds involved. Anyway, not much sleep was to be had after that BUT I am thankful for a calm & still morning today. very thankful.

Weather report aside...
Modern Spring opens TONIGHT! I'm so excited for this show and am regretting that I cannot attend the opening. However the work goes on sale in the Artstream online shop tonight by 5 pm est. I look forward to seeing more of the other artists' lovely work! Here's a preview at Susan's flickr and blog. And here's a peek of the work I'll have in it.

Thank you so much for being here and looking at my work today, {and listening to my weather report!}

In one of my next posts I hope to share the work Jen and I have done for Inspired.