flowers and facets

Good evening all,

The "flowers and facets" series I have been working on this month is nearing completion!
It is a limited series of only TWENTY original, one-of-a-kind pieces using graphite, watercolor, iridescent acrylic, colored pencil, and some pinholes. Pictured above are numbers fifteen through eighteen. I will be addidng them to the shop, one or two at a time over the next few days beginning tonight. I really like these four above and hope you will too! I am holding onto one of the pieces from the series, "remembering a glimmer", I just keep going back to it.

As of today my shop has been open two months and I have a few things on sale to mark the occasion.

Did you see Alicia's shop update? Today she added some artist totes and tomorrow some aprons! My favorite tote already sold!

Thanks for listening to all my shop talk! now, let's talk ice's snack time here.

till tomorrow,