a fluttering

I'm popping in {interrupting my yellow week posts and this is post no. 2 for today!} to share a little about the latest art cards that are on their way to their homes.

Lately I have been thinking again about painting birds {I used to paint them quite often} and these art cards were the perfect playground to explore this. Each piece has a bird painted within abstract shapes of watercolor and iridescent paints and they also have X shapes of letterpress type blind embossed into the surface. And as always, each piece is completely unique.

What a joy and blessing these have been to make for each sweet subscriber. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make you tiny pieces of art each month! I hope you will enjoy them.

These bird paintings were the final installment for the art card subscriptions and now I think I will take a hiatus from offering new subscriptions. However, I have an idea simmering which I may share with you as soon as next week.

And now I smell the spicy oven fries cooking in the oven so I better go see how they're coming along.

have a nice evening,