I realize my posts recently have been mostly announcements and so forth, which probably doesn't make for the most interesting material. In part it is because life is busy and in part because I am feeling increasingly private about my personal life, and even my work, and what parts of it I share online. I mean, I'm not sure what people want to read, maybe you don't want to read what I'm really thinking or what is going on. So, if you don't mind my asking, what do you look for, or what are you interested in seeing when you visit here? And why?

Above: Two shots of blue from the most recent roll of film I've had developed, summer transitioning to autumn.

Recently I hung some of my work at the Douglas County Courthouse and I am also happy to have cards, watercolor pieces and framed pinhole work exhibiting at Wonder Fair this month. Here is a glimpse of my table.

There are a few new Christmas tags and a photo frame card in my BSP shop & Etsy location. And new posts in the Sharing the Process series at Poppytalk.

Thanks for stopping by today.