A few of my favorite things

After a rather challenging morning, I was thankful to come home to a bowl of leftover potato spinach soup for lunch. Leftovers are the best! Then this afternoon as I was looking at the brand new, creative and heart-felt work by some friends, I felt cheered. If I were shopping for myself, these would be my picks.

Julia's hand-dyed napkins. Her rich colors are from plant-based dyes. The  beautiful "logwood" blue really catches my eye. Check out her body care items too, she uses herbs and beeswax from her own garden and bees!

Amisha's hand-crafted, small batch soaps. Especially this one she calls "Summer in Japan". Lavender and rosemary are two fragrances that I really like. (And as someone who is prone to aroma triggered migraines, those two fragrances always agree with me.) I imagine her home smells amazing!

And Shanna's little bow cards speak to me. I was thinking about why I like them and  it's beacause it makes me think of the feeling of expectation during this season of Advent. We wait with glad hearts.

And those challenging situations (when you've been wronged)? Sometimes you just gotta let it go.