Along the way to the tulip tree

Forsythia in our yard.

The old Delahunty place on Rhode Island St. Rhody Delahunty, an Irishman, built the house on the property in 1871 and set up a "dray wagon" business. More recently this lot was known as the "Packard graveyard" and has been uninhabited for years. (More info in the newspaper.)

The massive tree in the playground of our neighborhood school. Langston Hughes attended grades four through six at this school.

Tiny dogs peering through shiny drapes. 

Lanterns at the house across the street from where Pete was watering the garden when I walked by.

At the house across the street from where I lived before we were married. A middle-aged gentleman used to live there who did landscaping up on campus. He had the coolest folk art sculptures in his yard and drove a Chinook with a wooden camper.

And the tulip tree.

Each spring I look forward to the blooming of this tree. It stands in the corner of a yard a few blocks from us. It starts out grey and fuzzy then I'm always surprised when it bursts forth in color. This year I almost missed it. I was driving home from the grocery store a week ago and gasped when I saw it was full. Now the blooms are already starting to curl and get that tea stained tone.

And I found this. In 2011 I photographed it in film.

An interesting idea and article on NPR's Morning Edition, to wax poetic about your favorite block. Do you have one?