in the studio


` I've been printing these cows and stars, and am turning them into notebooks.
` Am glad for the leftovers we'll have for dinner, lentil & quinoa burgers, potato salad with our kohlrabi, radishes, peas & parsley, and salad.
` Have been listening to Stevie Wonder radio on Pandora to keep up the pep.
` Am about to make a strawberry-lemon slushie, which I may share tomorrow on tend. (added 6/9- recipe here!)

Have a good evening!


In order to begin my summer of working in the studio in proper fashion, I'm doing a bi-annual studio cleanse. And I find myself thinking how thankful I am for my husband, in all the work he does around here, and for the maple counter top he just built for cabinets in my studio. Yay, another work surface! And I'm thankful for Susan Grace, (a client of my husband, he and his company are currently building her jaw-dropping studio) who gave me a box full of watercolor paint and supplies. She's an amazing artist, and a generous and kind person. I may never have to buy watercolor again. Thank you Susan!

> my tend garden post for the week

> I really like the pattern work in the wallpaper of Banquet Atelier & Workshop.

I hope you have a good long weekend!

In the studio


Yesterday when I was hanging laundry on the line I saw that our first daffodils were blooming. At first I wasn't going to cut any, but then I kept looking at them and just couldn't resist. So I brought these three up to my studio, stuck them in one of the jelly jars and enjoyed them as I painted. Each year when spring comes I feel that surely this is the most excited I've been for spring.
And now officially begins my spring break, yay! In the photo above there is a peek at something I have been setting on the press, and hope to print next week.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday in the studio

Last week while finishing a project I incorporated this letterpress boat that I had made from one of my drawings. On this small piece of paper I was using the corner to sharpen pencils and then test printed the boat. Today, while looking at this scrap on my table, the idea surfaced to fill the boat will rocks. From there other ideas stemmed. Sometimes working on a piece that is a byproduct of my working processes unleashes ideas.

A couple bits of news >
Did you know you can get a signed copy of Water Paper Paint through The Lawrence Arts Center? After your purchase let me know at: contact[at] and I'll sign your copy.

Also, Water Paper Paint is being translated into German! Gute Nachrichten!