some thank you's

      I've been using this one paper towel as a blotter for my watercolor painting for the last 8 months. It has taken on a life of its own.


Are you relieved it's Friday? I am. This week has been stressful and I'm ready to rest a little this weekend. Inspired by Jen, I'd like to make some banana bread. I have three ripe bananas waiting, and not for much longer.

There have been some really sweet people mentioning our Noticing Project on their blogs this week and we are so grateful to you! We also appreciate each comment that you leave about our diptychs. Thank you so much for the thoughtful interest and support you have given in this first week of our project.

Have you been seeing all the beautiful white posts that Cally is making? I really like the hole filled spoons made by Caroline Gomez in this post of hers.

have a bright and colorful weekend friends and family,