inspiration & community

[some photos I've taken recently of things that are inspiring me : "growing upward", pinholes on paper}

Good morning,

How are you today? I hope you're well.
I want to run something by you. I've been thinking about the artist links community I have in the sidebar. I'd like to add to the listings page and then here on the the main page rotate a featured person with their name and image in the sidebar.
Will you let me know what you think? Or if you'd like to be added please email me your name, shop or site link and an jpeg image 75 x 75 pixels. You do not have to have a shop.
[Reciprocation is appreciated by not required, and there is no money involved. Please know I will screen submissions for quality and content, but I'm pretty nice so not to worry.]

I will be poking more holes today. What are you working on today?


ps. My work is featured on POPPYTALK today! Yay! Thanks Jan!