today...'s rather cold here and I'm not even going to look at the temperature. Our kitties are glad we leave piles of clothes around as they like to make little nests in them. I just heated up some noodles for lunch, you know, like those Thai House packets, not exactly what I wanted but they were easy to prepare and hot. That's key. I think for contrast I'll make some hot chocolate and goat cheese on crackers to take back up to the studio for a snack. I'm working on various pieces today including the piece above which is part of the "whisper" series.

A friend pointed out the photography of Aya Brackett. I told her I could neither move nor breathe as I scrolled through those images. I especially like the rich green tones of "Letterdesk".

I know there was at least one other link to share, but now I don't remember.

I hope wherever you are that you are warm today,