for the love of quinoa

I am on a good-for-me food kick lately. Perhaps it started around Christmas when during the winter break I was able to take more time to prepare meals. Since then M. and I have eaten dinner at the table every night, with candles, placemats, cloth napkins, and nice music or simply quiet, rather than sitting in front of the television. And I love this new practice for the two of us. Another habit we are keeping up with are our walk/runs several times a week. He jogs back and forth to meet me while I fast walk.

This morning for breakfast I made cinnamon quinoa based from Heidi's recipe. So good. It stuck with me, which oatmeal does not.

My new favorite pasta is the quinoa pasta by Ancient Harvest. We attended a fabulous dinner party (great company and amazing food) over the weekend and I had that pasta for the first time, it has the best texture and is gluten free.

Recently I signed up for Amy Chaplin's newsletter and like her healthful food tips and her essentials pantry pdf. A couple weeks ago we made her creamy cauliflower soup with greens, using kale from our garden. The recipe is in the January issue of MSL and on her blog.

I am enjoying the The Cook without a Book Cookbook by Pam Anderson and like her lentils recipe for soft tacos and twice we have made the skillet potatoes and eggs for breakfast. She gives lots of ingredient options and suggests pairings in the recipes which are very flexible based on what we have on hand.

Sunday night we made (pork-free) Posole based on a recipe in Bon Appetit, but served it over polenta rather than using hominy. (didn't have hominy) It is very good and am glad we still have leftovers.

I am happy there is now an e-subscription available for Vegetarian Times!

Plus I am making a little list of nuts, seeds, and powders to order from Including chia seeds.

Sunday I started some alfalfa seeds in our sprouter. Looking forward to those.

And I think that's it from me for now. How about you, any food bits you want to share? Have you made anything lately that is so good you'll make it again?