Heather Smith Jones

I've been intending to share with you my two photographs which are currently at The Lawrence Arts Center for the group exhibition called "Place". From the moment I knew of this show I sensed my contribution would be photography. I don't know why since I have never shown my photos but my mind was set from the start. So I had two film photos that I took in January enlarged and made into giclee prints on enhanced matte paper. They're 16in. x 24in. and I'm happy with the way they look and their presence. These two images are also currently part of the "home" set at What Remains Inside

This week we've had sunshiny days {finally!} and I've been enjoying brisk walks downtown. Wednesday I picked up from the library two books of poetry by Mary Oliver, "Owls and Other Fantasies" and "The Leaf and the Cloud". I find it so easy to become immersed in her imagery and descriptions of nature.  Her writing inspires me and helps get my own words flowing.

I know some of you have visited this link but it's a good one. Where They Create.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

new pinhole piece today

I had an idea the other night as I was falling asleep: to make a series of pinhole pieces with notebook lines at the bottom. Each piece in the series would reveal a portion of a letter. The letter is from my late grandmother and is pinholed in her handwriting. These photos show it in process and the bottom photo shows it with another pinhole piece I did previously.
It was a nice Saturday, I had the window open in the kitchen and sat at the table working. It was great to poke holes through paper again; it's been a while since I've done any pinhole work. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm gearing up for a big pinhole project.