seeing stars

Good morning to you,

This morning is finally here. I've been looking forward to this holiday shop update for a while and am so happy to be here to share it with you.

I love the process of working, making art, drawing, painting, stitching, and letterpress printing. Printing and painting especially are two completely different modes of working [for me] and I really enjoy the balance of having both going simultaneously.

Since we acquired this antique Vandercook proof press from my husband's family and a good collection of antique type and ornaments to go with it, I've enjoyed getting to know this press and letterpress process. I have found I enjoy arranging the type to make my compositions. It takes time to get the pieces right where I want them but there is something satisfying then about mixing and rolling the ink by hand, and then making a print. I really and truly love the process of making art and am so grateful that there are others [you] who appreciate it.

And now, here's what has come of all of this preparation.

Limited editions of:
} A set of eight letterpress gift tags, each with a unique image.
} The starburst letterpress card set.
} Ten new art card subscriptions.
} I have also added a couple watercolor paintings and sequin hearts. I will continue to add work in these series until mid December.

Last night I posted our next Inspired duo & links to additional shop updates. Check it out...

Well, I'm going to go grab some breakfast, I've worked up an appetite.

Thank you so much for visiting me and allowing me to share with you what I love,